Burning Man 2010 Recap

I got back from Burning man and my mind is still processing my experience. I’m not even gonna try to describe my experience in words… below are a few photos from my week at Black Rock City, Nevada.

We arrived on my Birthday and a double rainbow welcomed us.

Black Rock City

Have a bike at Burning Man is Crucial. I put some rims on mine.

I helped builded this art car. We got to cruise the Playa at night in style. Made from recycled stage from Bon Jovi concert.

Crusin the Playa

Playa Art

Cat art car

Performance art on the Playa

The Lovely Sarah S. of The Coachella Valley Art Scene in front of Center Camp.

Dragon Art Car. One of the many art cars crusin the playa

Love Vortex

One of my new friends. Speaker People

45ft. metal woman sculpture.

I got to drive a Star Wars Land Cruser.

Random Art Car at Night.

The Woman Sculpture at Night. She was my favorite art piece on the playa. Show stopper.

Real Woman

We drove up to the Burning Man in Style. We were banging Led Zeppelin!

Forever Inspired and Motivated. See you next year Black Rock City.


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