The High Point @ The Fox Theater- Halloween Party Recap

This past Thursday was the 3rd installment of East of LA ‘s Monthly roof top party at the Fox Theater Pomona. It was the Halloween edition. I didn’t know what to expect because it was a Thursday night and we usually have the monthly party on a Friday or Saturday… But I have to say The High Point crowd really knows how to party and have great time. I had  a lot of fun at this party and really enjoyed ” pley “ing for all the party people. Thank you to everyone that came out. I saw a lot of familiar faces in the house, Thanks for continually rockin with us and making this your event.  Looking forward to next months Thanksgiving Edition. See you all there.

Party People Unite

Photo Booth was in full affect

Banana Split

Construction Worker and Ms. Five - 0


Elmo and Friends

Gotta Love a Costume Party

Smile Ladies

Quail Meat Sandwich

Slick Rick The Ruler and Richie Valine

Party People having a good time.

Party People Unite 2

Check out more photos from this fun event – HERE

After the party, I went over to DJ Gabe Real‘s Studio Loft. He is one of the resident DJ’s featured at The High Point Event. He is one of the realest OG DJs from the Inland Empire. He started DJing in the late 80’s and is one of the founding DJs in the Inland Empire Hip Hop and Club scene. I got to hang out with Gabe and he shared some of his DJ stories and experiences from over the years. He has shared the stage with some of the biggest acts in hip hop and has literally DJed every venue in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles.  He has DJed numerous music festivals including Coachella Fest in 2001, 2009. & 2010. He shared some of stories from working at Fat Beats LA. He showed me his custom-made Mixwell sweater. Gabe was one of the first DJs to rock The Root Down in LA. He was actually on the 1st Root Down flyer ever. He was a resident DJ at LA Foundation, Elements, and Freestyle Session hip hop events. He also started a weekly hip hop night called Sessions with Zulu nation’s DJ Mark Luv.  From 97 -03, DJ Gabe Real Hosted The Ghetto Blasters Collage Radio Hip Hop show from UC Riverside. After working at Fat Beats, he opened his own record store; Stacks Vinyl Ontario in 2005.  Stacks Vinyl Ontario was the only official DJ record shop in the Inland Empire.  Gabe has released countless mixtapes, remixes, and even 3 scratch records.  I really look up to DJs like Gabe Real and am thankful Djs like Gabe have paved the way for other IE DJs like myself. Much respect my dude.


A Fraction of DJ Gale Real's Record Collection - "The Essentials"

The 1st Root Down LA flyer ever featuring DJ Gabe Real - Jimmy Smith on the Cover

1st Sessions flyer featuring DJ Mark Luv, DJ C-Lo, & DJ Gabe Real. Mixwell did a great job designing this flyer.




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