Alf Alpha at Coachella 2011 Official Video

Video Recap of my Coachella 2011 experience . This video recaps of my 3 sets inside the festival that weekend: Sahara Tent (Friday) , Dome Oasis (Saturday) , Coachella Art Studios (Thursday – Sunday) and (*not featured in video) the campground’s Roller Rink (Sunday). Experience captured by filmmaker, Steven Preston. Pley’n Coachella way a dream come true for me. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported.

more info:

Produced & Edited by Steven Preston
Photographed by Jared Huss, Steven Preston, Ozzie Clarke
Music by Alf Alpha

1 comment
  1. KZ said:

    You need to post some of your sets from Coachella, those were dope, very high energy!

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