World Famous Party Update

I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported the Word Famous Party at Ace Hotel Palm Springs over  the past three years .  The Coachella Valley Art Scene and I have been committed to bringing culture to the Valley and are dedicated to continue to do so.

If you’ve been to our World Famous parties you’ve noticed that the Amigo Room gets very crowded and is at times uncomfortable because of the limited amount of space.  As an entertainer, I want our guests to have the best time. We’ve been committed to giving our guests the best experience possible, whether it be a DIY craft table, a photo booth, visuals, lighting, and bringing the best music possible.  However the safety concerns are genuine and being so the Amigo Room is just too small to host our party.  For this reason the World Famous Party will be moving to a bigger venue, one prepared to host all the energy you have to offer. Our new partners are committed to taking the World Famous experience to new heights and we are excited for fresh opportunities.  Please expect more details on our new venue soon.

In the meantime, let’s keep with the tradition of coming together every last Saturday, my official birthday party will be at The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs inside El Jefe tequila bar on August 31st.

Our gratitude and appreciation goes towards the Ace Hotel Staff for all the help over the years. The Coachella Valley Art Scene and I look forward in taking The World Famous Party to the next level.

– Alf Alpha

World Famous Party with Alf Alpha and The Coachella Art Scene

World Famous Party with Alf Alpha and The Coachella Art Scene

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